IB Shaping the World.

We know that our Heads are fundamental in leading and driving change – that’s why for 2015’s IB World Heads Conference we are reaching out to the Heads Community to help design the event. The conference is for you and we want your ideas, passion and expertise to shape and make the event.


Conference wrap-up video.


Session Presentations:

Keynote and regional presentations and videos


Adrian Kearney – IB Around The World

Andrew Derry – Strategic Planning for the Schools of the Future

Darlene Fisher – What leadership practices work internationally and Why

Gareth Hegarty – On-screen exams

Gerard Calnin – Effective IB Leaders

Ian Piper – How can a leader develop the school culture that it needs

James MacDonald – International Education is so 20th

Jane Drake – Exploring the big ideas, innovation hubs and complexity

Jane Larsson – Does your school community have a shared understanding of the global citizenship

Jane Larsson – International Task Force on Child Protection

Jayne Pletser – Developing pathways to inclusion

Malcolm Pritchard – Cultural Conflicts in Leadership and Governance

Malcolm Pritchard – Paving the road Road to Success

Pamela Bender – Improving service and support to IB World Schools

Rachel Dent – Strong Leadership that cares


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IB heads world conference

Conference’s photos


This year for the first time, the IB Heads World Conference will be held concurrently with the regional conference for Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Both events will be sharing the same venue.  The IB Heads World conference is specifically for heads of school only.