Rula Fakhoury

Country: Amman - Jordan
School: Asamiah International School

My journey as an educator has been quite diverse and fulfilling. I started my career as an English Language Teacher, became Students’ Affairs Manager after which I progressed to be Amman Academy School Principal for seven years.
My most recent undertaking has been a very big challenge. I was entrusted by some Jordanian investors to establish a top-notch private school in Amman. Hence, Asamiah International School (AIS) was founded in 2010.
As a passionate educator I strongly believe in the empowerment of people in any institution; meaning to enable others to become decision makers, problem solvers, risk-takers and reflective. I also believe in encouraging and supporting others to take initiatives and be creative. I believe in creating opportunities for those who exhibit the willingness to progress in life.

August 2008: MA Degree in Educational Management from Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies, Amman Jordan. Thesis: The Role of Private School Principals as Instructional Leaders.
August 1998: MA Degree in Translation, Arabic to English and English to Arabic, University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan.
January 1985: BA Degree in English Literature / Minor Sociology, University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan.
August 1981: Sisters of Nazareth School, Amman, Jordan – Arts Stream.