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Lee Fertig

Country: Belgium
School: International School of Brussels

Lee Fertig is the new Director of the International School of Brussels (ISB), most recently completing six years as the Superintendent of Graded School in São Paulo, Brazil. Lee has 30 years of administrative and teaching experience in a wide variety of educational settings including five international schools (in Ethiopia, Brazil, Spain, and Belgium), a private school in New York City, and a voluntary integration public magnet school in Minneapolis. He is a trainer for the Principals’ Training Center (PTC), has taught in the College of Education at the University of Minnesota, and has been a guest speaker on contemporary educational issues at a wide variety of community events. He has provided consulting services for schools and service organizations around the world in the areas of strategic governance, mission-driven key performance indicators, fundraising, innovation in schools, technology integration, intercultural education, and school-based continuous improvement.