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Pelham Lindfield Roberts

Country: India
School: UWC Mahindra College

Pelham Lindfield Roberts has worked in international education since his appointment to the staff of the United World College of the Atlantic in 1995. He has a wide-range of professional experience prior to training as a teacher at Oxford University. He has a Masters in Education from Bristol University and has was working on doctoral studies at Bath University, where his focus has been on Leadership and creating the culture of a Learning Organization. He left Atlantic College to become Head of Salem International College, the Upper School of Schule SchloƟ Salem, the first school founded by Kurt Hahn. He then moved to Swaziland and from there to Cape Town as Head of the IES International School of Hout Bay. In 2009 he transferred to the IES School, Boca Prep International School, in the United States. Since December 2011 he has been Head of UWC Mahindra College in India, where the curriculum focus is on Project Based Learning and advancing social justice and environmental responsibility in the 21st Century.