Gabriella Rowe

Country: United States
School: The Village School

My family previously owned The Mandell School in Manhattan and I was a third generation Head of School there for the last fifteen years. One of the things I love most about being a Head of School is that you get to experience every facet of school life, every day and in so many different ways. To be a great Head of School, you have to stay informed on every level, starting with the classrooms, to better know the teachers and truly understand what it means to be a student in preschool, middle school or high school. That’s why I go into the early childhood classes and sit on the floor and play with blocks, go to the chemistry lab and watch science experiments, listen to conversations in the hallways and sit with students at lunch. I also meet with parents to better understand their fears, hopes and dreams for their children. Then I take that, and sit down with my teachers and talk with them about the importance of what they do. As their advocate, I work to ensure they have what they need so they feel supported and protected so they can provide the best possible education experience to children in their home away from home.