Leading Educational Innovation

Leadership: Simon Breakspear

How to develop a culture of continuous innovation that can deliver radically better learning.

There is a broad consensus among educators that even the best performing schools must seek out ways to redesign and reinvent learning for the 21st Century. Yet, due to deeply embedded cultures and routines that seek to minimise risk taking and optimise on the current system, innovating in established schools is a difficult process. How can educational leaders develop cultures of innovation and get on the road to transforming learning in their context?

It is time for educators to learn the art and science of innovation and apply it to the task of collectively redesigning learning. Leading Educational Innovation draws on global research lessons from the most innovative leaders and organisations, both inside and outside of education, to outline the mindsets, processes and cultures needed to cultivate innovation for learning in your school.

In this optimistic and strategy rich program you will learn how to:

  • Focus on meaningful innovation that will impact student learning
  • Build the adaptive capacity of your staff
  • Co-create a culture that cultivates innovation and fosters dynamic thinking
  • Harness human-centred design approaches to generating new solutions
  • Deploy a rapid prototyping approach to testing and refining new ideas
  • Map your stakeholder ecosystem and navigate your way through existing structures and beliefs
  • Accelerate your learning through developing a cluster of ‘lab schools’ to partner in your work
  • Develop a bias towards action and a mindset of learning through failure.