Leading learning that matters

Leadership: David Perkins

National and international frameworks for today’s education commonly include “21st century skills” such as thinking skills or entrepreneurship and “21st century content” such as globalization or natural resources. Any school leader must ask, “How can I shape an institution that stays true to its core commitments, thrives as a contemporary center of learning, and contributes to a complex global society?”

This workshop invites heads of school to explore a general action framework for addressing such challenges. CalledLeading Learning That Matters (LLTM), this framework is under development in several pilot schools in Victoria State, Australia, in a co-initiative between Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Independent Schools of Victoria. We will draw from this framework to discuss what matters to schools today and how leaders can reflect upon, construct, and realize their own distinctive vision for their institutions.

Themes taken up in this workshop will include…

* Different fertile conceptions of “what’s worth learning.”

* Criteria for what’s worth learning, considering where and how the familiar disciplines fit

* Typical directions of innovation around the world, such as global themes, 21st century skills, interdisciplinarity, etc.

* Leadership and school community processes that can support lasting change

* Approaches to documenting change as it develops

* Consideration of the place of rigor

* Illustrations drawn from the pilot schools.

Participants will engage in a range of reflective activities around the themes, making connections to their own institutions.