Richard Tangye

Richard Tangye OBE

Richard has a degree in Economics and Politics from Cambridge University and started his working life as a volunteer teacher in Papua New Guinea, followed by thirty years in the business world in North America, Europe and Asia.

In addition to his business role, he has been actively involved in education, being Board Chair at International Schools in Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, leading to his appointment as Executive Director of the Council of International Schools and, subsequently, Chief Executive of the International School Dhaka and of its’ parent company, the STS Educational Group.

In addition to his new role as Principal at St. Dominic’s International School in Lisbon, he retains his involvement with the STS Group in Bangladesh as well as being Chairman of Knightsbridge Schools International, and a Member of the IB Asia Pacific Regional Council.

Richard is based in Australia, where his wife, Joanne, works with Early Years kids, but she claims that he spends much of his life in an ‘aluminum cigar tube’ somewhere above the earth.


Richard Tangye Pre-conference Session